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We Pride ourselves in a wide product range to satisfy and selective enough keeping to our value on quality and exclusivity. Our continual changes, upgrades and timeous adding of new designs will never stop to amaze you. Our e-store is your answer to the best range of leather lifestyle products promising an unmatched satisfaction.

Nationwide delivery

We deliver our quality leather products all over the country. So no matter where you are in South Africa, we will send it to you.

affordable pricing

We value people and therefore manufacture products to satisfy our clients. Our commitment stands, no compromise to keep on improving our quality and appealing designs while ensuring affordability with exclusivity. QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY that is FILLY

This simple truth is what triggered the Filly Leather story… It started in response to a knock on the door, a man in need with a box of leather offcuts and some tools that he desperately needed to sell. With no experience I found myself making my very first leather item; a unique rugged looking handmade handbag for my wife – she loved it. Soon followed my first iPad sleeve and ever since the requests haven’t stopped. The production of custom leather items combined with quality finally led to the formation of the Filly Leather business.

Filly Leather not only values the satisfaction of our customers but at the same time we seek every opportunity to bring hope to the hopeless by employing the unemployed.

What was first just a garage hobby is now a living dream – producing high quality handmade leather products while caring for people. Every Filly product you buy is making a difference in the life of someone in need. Motivated to honour our God the Creator through business!

Our mission

“We grow people, they make lifestyle leather products resulting in delighted customers.”

We are a purpose-driven company rather than a primarily profit-driven company. Our purpose defines who we are and why we do what we do, therefore we see profit as a result, rather than the main motive. We understand that profit is critical to the future success of any business, however, we believe that caring for people and offering excellent service with products that justify the investment, should take pre-eminence.

Our passion is to enhance the lifestyle of people in every true sense of the word. We envision a fully established Filly Leather Brand, both nationally and internationally, as one of the leading South African brands offering world-class leather lifestyle products, with a global appeal and sold at reasonable prices. Our desired result is the joy of millions of satisfied customers, who proudly showcase their Filly Leather products and are honoured to be a member of our Filly Leather community.

Our driving motive at Filly Leather is, the honour of God our Creator and our love for people. Not only do we highly value the satisfaction of every customer, by keeping to our unique standard of “All leather inside out”, “No Lining No Compromise” and “Quality Matters”, but at the same time seek every opportunity to bring “hope to the hopeless by employing the unemployed”. We do this by keeping to our motto “We grow people, they make leather products, and those products make our customers happy!”. We believe that we were given this opportunity and therefore, the responsibility to provide practical solutions to help people in need, whilst at the same time, living the dream of expressing our creativity through our leather products.

All our products are mostly handmade and we use, as far as possible, local materials that are of the highest quality, keeping to our culture of honour and standard of excellence, to ensure the best results of all our products.

Our core values






Our Company

Filly Leather (PTY) LTD Reg. No. 2012/184547/07 is registered in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 and Companies Amendment Bill 40 of 2010 on the 11/10/2012. We pride ourselves, in the face that we are a local South African based company and member “C02927” of “Proudly South African”.


All Filly Leather products will enjoy a PRODUCT LIFETIME FILLY LEATHER WARRANTY. We pride ourselves in every Filly product we produce, ensuring lasting quality and value of investment. We place a high value on your satisfaction and enjoyment of the Filly Leather products offered, not only to fulfil the legal requirements but more as our vote of confidence in every product we make.

This Warranty is only applicable to Filly Leather branded products purchased directly from our online store, Brooklyn Mall store, The Grove Mall store, or any Filly Leather authorised representatives and authorised reseller stores. The original owner, with the original gift recipient, is warranted against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship as stated in the following disclaimer:

All Filly Leather products enjoy a product lifetime warranty of 10 years within reasonable fair and responsible use. By lifetime, we mean not the life of the person but the reasonable life of the Filly Leather product bought. All fittings are bought and mostly imported and therefore we face the uncertainty sometimes of quality and will as far as possible restore and if possible, replace any broken fitting to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of your filly product and your lifetime loyalty to our brand. Our products are made of genuine leather and therefore needs to be treated and handled with care. We do reserve the right, when a Filly product has been neglected, mal treated or damage, apart from normal and natural causes or personal circumstances that is beyond the manufacturing and quality of our product, to not honour this warrantee. We will, however, do our best to see how we can help at all times.

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