Joani Purse


The popular Joani Purse meets every ladies needs.
It is a delightfully spacious and practical multi-purpose purse.
It comes with eighteen card sleeves that can hold a combined total of up to 36 cards if necessary.
There are two available sleeves for cash or slips, and two zippered pockets usable for coins or small items.
This purse comes with a section that can slip easily in and out of the purse when necessary. This slip in section houses both additional cards and a small zippered pocket, this is almost a purse inside a purse.
The removable card and coin holder slips out to allow one to carry their essential cards when making a quick run, with no need for the entire purse.
Alternatively one can remove the inner part and use the main wallet as a small clutch bag, which can hold both a phone and smaller items.